Blackest Shade of Pail

from by Mopey



we are toxic children
playing hide and seek in the scorching heat
we can make an entertainment
reconstructed from your remnants
what story do they tell?
what truths do they reveal?
machines of death, treads now silent
barrels rusting sterile
they are our playgrounds now

bodies concealed
behind brick and glass and steel
and hearts buried beneath
layer upon layer of conceit

but our cathedrals are of cardboard
like birds making nests from burger wrappers
and we are only one tribe
united by the glow
in our lupine eyes

you scraped the sky with glittering towers
reduce whole cities to smouldering craters
you were great and glorious and impossible
a meaningless ludicrous miracle
pointless dust in a heartless void
long dead stars in a pitchblack sky
your dream of freedom without consequence
brings a final reckoning of prideful ignorance

are the heights that you achieve
just a shrine to naked greed
but when your world is laid to waste
there will arise a greater breed
and in your terror, you invent a saviour
but the only God is the one in your mirror
still you worship at it's altar
still it fails you, still it falters

you thought that ignorance would save you
it will be what damns you


from Total Education, released December 11, 2015




Mopey St John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

MOPEY are a five-piece post-punk band from St. John's, Newfoundland.

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