Your Body is a Splash n Putt

from by Mopey



for Walter Mackey.


ice cream bar wrappers soiled adult diapers
disposable razors and microwave dinners
fingernail and toenail clippings
peanut shells and pencil shavings

half-empty cans of tomato paste
plastic knives and styrofoam plates
bloodsoaked meat tray maxi pads
circuit boards and shattered glass

the stench of sour milk and burning rubber permeating
prismatic sheen of cracked blackened screens a mirror reflecting
the crass plastic wasteland of a thousand Christmas mornings
a twisted unrecognizable mass that's melted faded melding

into an avant garde abstract monument
to your finest and final accomplishment
stacks of tires like roman columns
and the millions of now-silent engines
rusting in their shells of metal
exoskeletons corroded and brittle
an inert vacant empty vessel
it's only as trash that we're all equal

and in every darkened hole
a tapestry of mould grows
in all the colours of the rainbow
black and blue and green and purple

an ocean of tears a lake of spit
rivers of blood raining sheets of sweat
gristle and muscle and pus and lymph
mucus and bile and piss and shit

a ship made from leftover parts
a candyheart that's falling apart
a machine made out of meat
held together with masking tape

and in every curve and fold
a tapestry of bruises glows
in all the colours of the rainbow
black and blue and grey and purple

our bodies are garbage
rotting rotting rotting away.


from Total Education, released December 11, 2015




Mopey St John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

MOPEY are a five-piece post-punk band from St. John's, Newfoundland.

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